Teen maternity prevention programs typically walk an excellent line between cautionary tales and blaming women to make bad alternatives.

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Handling the roots of teenager pregnancy

For example, an ad that is controversial in new york this past year ended up being commonly criticized for wanting to frighten females out of maternity with images of crying children and bleak economic data. But punishing, shaming, and stigmatizing young moms for structural facets which are usually from their control — like poverty and insufficient usage of healthcare — does not do much to handle the roots associated with problem.

“What makes we therefore dedicated to preventing pregnancy that is teen? Wouldn’t it is safer to increase possibilities for several young adults, including the ones that are parenting, and provide them better control of their reproductive life therefore for by themselves? they can make alternatives” ANSIRH’s Sisson stated.

Once the issue is framed as preventing pregnancy that is teen it creates a dichotomy where “good” teens and “bad” teens may be identified because of the people that have provided delivery. The teenagers whom produced terrible mistake in the eyes of culture, just like the people who show up on MTV, take place up as samples of a course that their peers should avoid without exceptions. While that fits nicely into society’s concept of age-appropriate parenting, it has some disastrous effects for the young ladies who do find yourself becoming teenager mothers.

Teenage maternity isn’t only a feminine teenager problem, it’s a social issue.”

“Teenage pregnancy isn’t only a female teenager problem, it’s a social issue,” Gloria Malone, a teenage mom by by herself, had written in RH Reality sign in response to brand New York’s current campaign. “I am significantly more than ready to make use of anyone who really wants to better comprehend the social, psychological, and academic facets that may induce teenage pregnancy. The thing I will not do is keep getting blamed for society’s dilemmas. (mer…)

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