Paramilitary devices or a PR move: 10 factual statements about “The nationwide Militia devices”

Posted on: april 6th, 2020 by Webmaster

On January 28 a dazzling march took invest Kyiv: teenage boys putting on camouflage uniforms and balaclavas moved through the main roads. Once the march ended about 600 people of the NGO “The Natsionalni Druzhyny” (National Militia devices) launched because of the veterans of this Azov regiment were sworn in. Numerous discovered this scene much like marches of paramilitary devices. It arrived as a fantasy image for the Russian propaganda and for the people western news that give consideration to you will find dangers regarding the nationalistic retaliation in Ukraine. In addition it raised a true wide range of questions.

Exactly exactly How could be the Natsionalni Druzhyny for this Azov battalion?

The Natsionalni Druzhyny is just a task associated with the alleged Azov-related group connected towards the Azov regiment of this National Guard. Azov regiment had been founded on the basis of the volunteer battalion Azov that were part that is taking the combat actions in eastern Ukraine since 2014. (mer…)

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