Is it easier to Get a Male or feminine Guinea Pig?

Posted on: januari 15th, 2020 by Webmaster

One question that many all soon become guinea pig owners ask is whether or perhaps not or perhaps not they need to get a male or a guinea pig that is female.

Can it be far better to obtain a male or female guinea pig? As they both make great pets if you’re getting a single guinea pig you can pick either a male or female depending on your personal preference. Sex doesn’t matter much so long as the pig is healthy and friendly. If in the other hand you’re getting a set of guinea pigs at a time, then getting two immature females is apparently your best option.

In this article I’ll explain more in-depth why the very best intercourse to choose is dependent upon if you want to get more guinea pigs in the future whether you’re getting a single pig or multiple pigs, and I’ll also explain how you should think.

It is also a good notion for you, as being a quickly become guinea pig owner, to learn our Guinea Pig Complete Care Guide for newbies that covers everything from fundamental guinea pig facts to chosing the best cage and grooming tips. (mer…)

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