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It can not comprise into the report that is mere of viewpoints, nor in only report of this views for the philosophers we discuss. You must protect the claims you create. You need to provide reasons why you should think them.

Which means you can not simply state:

My view is the fact that P. i really believe this because.

we realize that the considerations that are following. give an argument that is convincing P.

Descartes says that Q; but, the after thought-experiment will show that Q isn’t real.

Descartes says that Q. We find this claim plausible, when it comes to reasons that are following.

  • Criticize that argument; or show that one arguments for the thesis are no good
  • Protect the argument or thesis against somebody else’s critique
  • Offer reasons to think the thesis
  • Offer counter-examples to your thesis
  • Contrast the strengths and weaknesses of two opposing views about the thesis
  • Provide examples that assist explain the thesis, or that really help to really make the thesis more plausible
  • Argue that one philosophers are invested in the thesis by their other views, though they cannot turn out and explicitly endorse the thesis
  • Discuss just just what consequences the thesis might have, if it had been real
  • Revise the thesis, into the light of some objection


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